steal my car?

Do you know who did?

Sept 08 - from 1606 Dancing Dunes Drive in Green Bay, WI?

Stolen Sept. 08 after 10pm

Car was taken from the driveway at 1606 Dancing Dunes Dr. Green Bay, WI

Located Sept. 10 9am

Car was parked on nearby Buttercup Court Wednesday September around 5pm.

Any information?


The Big Issue is this.

The Memory Card

Camera contains a 32 gb memory card. Example photo shown above.

The stolen camera card contains the last 5 months of pictures of my little girl, Freddie.

6 months

This is a happy, sunny little girl.
Don't take these moments from me.

Easter 2015

The last time I backed up my card to my computer.

Most Recent

August 2015 taken by a local studio.

To the Person(s) Responsible

I don't think you are bad people and I don't want to get you in trouble at all. It wasn't that long ago that I was taking things from unlocked cars. I should've locked it, I know that.

I need that card back. Keep everything else. I hope it ignites a passion for digital photography in you.


Honestly, I just need the photos & videos.

If You Stole My Car...

I know you aren't a bad person. I know if you knew what was on that digital card, you'd have taken it out and left it.

You still have my keys, right? If so, that means you can still enter my car. The mechanic changed the transponder code when they cut the new key, so you can still get in, but not start the car.

Just Drop it Off After Dark. Place it in the mid console.

If you do, I'll leave the battery charger, the owners manual, and the other accesories I have for the camera for you to take.

My homeowner's insurance policy will replace everything you took but the pictures & video on the card.


Any new information about this case will be placed in this section.

Sept 9, 2015

First Clue

One of these bad boys was in my driveway instead of my car this morning. To the thief: Thank you for not smoking in my car.


Sept 10, 2015

Backpack Forgotten

Recognize this backpack? It was left in the car and discovered by the GB Police. If you know who it belongs to, please get in touch.


Sept 15, 2015


I absolutely must have that card back. I'm offering $200 to anyone who gives me information that leads to the recovery of the pictures on the card.



If you have any idea who did this and think you can help, drop me a line.

I'm not interested in getting anyone busted, I just want my little girls photos.

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